Tuesday, May 10

O Lord be my refuge!

I'm not a poet but every once in awhile when God inspires him, my husband is.  This poem touched my heart!  I hope you enjoy it.

O Lord be my refuge!
Dear Lord be my rest!
Give me divine guidance
On this arduous quest

Some trials come at us
They form from without
Other fires kindle thus
From within they burn out

Whether deep in our minds
Or the depths of our soul
Whether enemies armed
With a sword or with bow

We're plunged into war
In this life here on earth
The instant the Word
Was received in new birth

In scripture we're told
As the lawless abound
That love will grow cold
Take a look, all around

The headlines declare
What the prophets spoke clear
The reports that we read
Tend to weary with fear

The weight settles on us
We think in our mind
I can't stand beneath
The slow strain and the grind

Some cope with what's real
By ignoring the signs
Some eat their next meal
Oblivious to the times

Some numb themselves sick
With the drug of their choice
Some drown in vain pleasure
And drown out the small voice

Where does my help come from?
It comes from the Lord
Dear God, strengthen me
To continue forward

Shed the love of my Jesus
Abroad in my heart
Let me remember the work
You began at the start

You promised your presence
You promised your care
Your promise stands true
You'll always be there

I'll do what I can
To give it my all
To honor your name
In the midst of the fall

When my efforts fall short
As at times in the past
When I come to my senses
And remember at last

It has been by your grace
That I've been made to stand
And find hope in this place
By the strength of your hand

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